Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership

Here’s What Current and Former AIHL participants say about the program

“I’ve had the pleasure to work closely with Joanne over the past couple of years. I participated in the Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership program where I was able to network with other healthcare leaders and grow personally and professionally. Joanne is a wonderful facilitator and has put this wonderful leadership program and content together. I’ve also had the privilege of coaching with her over the course of the program and she has helped me to work through various things and challenged me to grow as a leader. She has been a great support and resource to me and to other healthcare leaders!!”

Kristi Iannucci, MBA, Vice President, Telespecialists

“I first met Joanne Schlosser at a networking event for health care executives. What I learned from that introduction led me to participate in the Arizona Healthcare Emerging Leaders Program (now known as the Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership). In addition to the traditional leadership competencies addressed in the program, I received training on resiliency, emotional intelligence (EQ), and self-awareness, which are often overlooked and under valued when it comes to leadership development programs. This program also provided effective resources for workforce management, and professional development. Joanne is an expert in leadership development and coaching. Since working with her, I have gained new competencies as well as enhanced existing skills that have enabled me to work with organizations in crises, be promoted to more challenging positions in large, complex healthcare systems and achieve successful outcomes.

Theresa Thurman, MBA, Manager, Employee Health Services Clinics, Sutter Health

“Thank you for always bringing out the best in me during executive coaching! #InspirationalLeader

If your team is looking for an executive coach/leadership/team dynamics facilitator, I highly recommend Ms. Schlosser. She is without a doubt knowledgeable, kind, and will produce effective team outcomes to address community needs during this pandemic and beyond!”

Zepporah Fuller, MHA, Project Manager, Comagine Health

“Joanne has been a great pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and experience make her a wonderful coach. I truly appreciate her insightful coaching during the 2019 Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership program. I was able to build confidence and skills while in the program. Thank you, Joanne!”

Ting Zeng, CPA,  CIA, Controller, Ashion Analytics

“I deeply appreciate the skills and knowledge I gained in the Arizona Institute of Healthcare Leadership. Joanne is able to quickly hone in on the best way to help a candidate improve, and is beyond supportive throughout the whole process. I cannot recommend the course enough, for anyone that is looking to improve their leadership abilities in the healthcare industry. As a counselor I came into the program with a strong EQ – AIHL helped me learn to effectively use those skills in a business context through the DISC model, and even helped improve my general EQ. I work in a specialized sector of healthcare – mental health crisis and suicide prevention.

Learning with professionals from all corners of healthcare expanded my understanding of the greater industry and how to apply those best practices to my work. The greatest benefit of the program for me, was the lasting relationships and support I gained with the other folks in my cohort. They have become imperative for my success in leadership. The length of the program and the collaboration between cohort members provided the space to grow those relationships. Thank you Joanne for everything you do, and the opportunities to learn and grow that you provided!”

Matthew Moody, Manager, Crisis Response Network

“It’s with great enthusiasm I recommend pharmacists to pursue leadership development through the Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership (AIHL).  AIHL expanded my professional network and provided opportunities to interact and learn from other leaders across multiple professional disciplines and healthcare enterprises.  The program provided exceptional change management tools for me to introduce and adapt to my practice in health-system pharmacy.  In addition, the program helped me look at healthcare issues from a higher level and meet the requirements to become Board Certified in Healthcare Management as a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE).”

Jeff Anderson, Pharm.D., M.S., BCPS, FACHE, Director of Pharmacy Services

“My experience with the Emerging Healthcare Leader program …now the Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership was tremendous in a lot of ways.  It helped me grow as a leader in better understanding how to leverage my strengths, collaboration, strategic thinking and developing talent.  Learning about healthcare advocacy was an eye-opener. Project development, completion and presentation was a great collaborative process on multiple levels. Overall, I do believe the program has made me more rounded as a leader and was a good foundation in my continued healthcare leadership journey.”

Lalit Mansukhani, R.Ph., M.S., FACHE, Vice President, Operations

“It has been a blessing being in the Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership (AIHL) program. As a quality professional, it is always a great opportunity to gather with others who have the same goals. In the AIHL course I have developed better leadership skills because I have identified what motivates me in both my professional and personal life. As a quality professional, my go-to is to utilize data to drive process changes. Although data is the best indicator for performance, I am better equipped to use emotional intelligence and relate the data to my audience and received more buy-in. The best part of the course is the opportunity to openly interact with other healthcare leaders. All my classmates bring a different perspective and because Joanne Schlosser, our facilitator has fostered an environment of trust and collaboration, I have learned so much.”

Lisa Betancourt, MHA, CPHQ, Director of Quality and Compliance

“Over the past several months, I have had the opportunity to learn new leadership techniques that help our organization answer Arizona’s call for better healthcare delivery. Our health center has utilized leadership concepts and methods shared by AIHL within our departments to provide our patients/clients with stellar service and quality care. AIHL has provided me with tools, resources, materials, and a peer network that I can draw upon to assist with my day-to-day management and personal/staff development. I would highly recommend AIHL to leaders looking to enhance their emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and communication skills to help create an efficient and collaborative organizational culture…”

Zepporah Fuller, MHA/Ed., CLSSGB Quality Improvement Coordinator

As a newer resident to Arizona, The Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership program gave me the opportunity to meet peers from across the state and have a better understanding of healthcare challenges. The coaching with Joanne was invaluable for me to step away from the day to day and gain perspective. I enjoyed learning new leadership techniques to use with teams. This program helped me understand emotional intelligence and how to interact better with others knowing my strengths and weaknesses. I feel this program is a valuable tool for any healthcare leader wishing to advance his/her career or just become a better leader.”

Aaron Young, MBA, VP-CIO

“This Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership training becomes a transformational experience for attendees. You can leverage this experience to: network with talented individuals across the Healthcare continuum, synthesize new ideas for your ongoing role, develop your personal brand in transition to your next promotion, and get coaching that will help you reach to your potential. This course is excellent, and a career builder for participants.”

Robert Libberton, FACHE, Consultant

“I can appreciate how the class helped me prepare and feel more confident in my role as the CEO. I’ve been jumping right into the issues and taking action, having the learned skill sets to handle the situation(s) as they emerge, without any real idea what we are stepping into.  Thank you for your valuable class and one on one coaching.”

Darren Crowe, CEO

The most helpful component of this program was the opportunity to share experiences, challenges and ideas with a group of dedicated individuals interested in improving not only themselves but their work environment and others. The support of the group created an opportunity for me to gain confidence, ask  questions and  feel comfortable in a learning environment.The one on one contact with the team members and mentorship of Joanne proved to be an outstanding experience developing my knowledge base with great suggestions to lead through challenging times! A great experience.”

Brett Behan RN, MBA Administrator, Oncology Service Line

“This program has made me more aware of the behavior preferences and motivations of myself and my colleagues. This has greatly improved my communication skills and has helped me to be more patient and understanding during difficult interactions and scenarios.”

Debra Ward Lund, RN MSN, Nurse Consultant for Professional Development, Recruitment, and Retention

“Through this program, I became more aware of my emotional intelligence and its impact on the success of the organization. I learned to handle my inner Gremlin better and I learned so much from my peers, their similar struggles and successes make me feel I am not, and my organization is not alone working through the immense and unprecedented challenges of healthcare and generational leadership transitions.”

Martha Zhan, MBA, CPA, Sr. Director, Corporate Finance

2019 AZ Institute for Healthcare Leadership overview

If you or your organization are a member of one or more of the associations below, you qualify for a $250 discount. Please identify the organization on page 5 of the application.

  • Arizona Healthcare Executives
  • Arizona Healthcare Financial Management Association (AZHFMA)
  • Arizona Health Information Management Association (AZHIMA)
  • Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHHA)
  • Arizona Nurses Association
  • Arizona Organization of Nurse Executives
  • Arizona Public Health Association (APHA)
  • Healthy Chicks Happy Hour Group
  • Mental Health America of Arizona (MHAA)

2019 AZ Institute for Healthcare Leadership application

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2018 graduates, Left to Right: Matthew Moody, Zepporah Fuller, Jessica McGinnis, Carolyn Jacobs, Jay Larson, Lisa Betancourt, Jennifer Muriett & Isaiah Belknap.

2016,  left to right , Martha Zhan, CPA, MBA, CIA, CHC, Sr. Director, Corporate Finance, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health; Nathan Jones, JD, General Counsel, The NARBHA Institute; Kevin Brown, CEO, La Paz Regional Hospital; Lisa Barrick, Controller, HealthSouth Scottsdale Rehabilitation Hospital; Jeff Anderson, Pharm.D, Director of Pharmacy Services, Yavapai Regional Medical Center; Amanda Osuna, RN, BSN,  Med-Surge Supervisor, Benson Hospital; Debra Ward Lund, RN-BC, MSN, Nurse Recruitment and Retention SpecialistActing Assistant Chief Nurse Officer, Inpatient Services,  Phoenix Indian Medical Center and Aaron Young, MBA, VP-CIO at Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center

2015, left to right, Steven Hardin, MHA, Associate Vice President-Diagnostic Imaging Services, HonorHealth; Amy Richardson, Director of Education, Arizona Hospital & Healthcare Association; Ashley Dickey, HR/Marketing Director, Benson Hospital; Tony Lo Giudice, Public Health & Public Safety Community Engagement, Public Administration, Public Policy & City Management Forsyth County Department of Public Health; Charlotte Whitmore, Director, Network Development & Contracting, Mercy Care Plan; Jacob Albin, PharmD, MBA Director of Pharmacy at Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center Theresa Thurman, MBA, Health System Specialist Department of Veterans Affairs U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs; Ken Allen, MBA, Chief of Physician Services, Summit Healthcare Association

2014, left to right, Lalit Mansukhani, MHA, Vice President Operations at HonorHealth Deer Valley Medical Center; Saul Blair, MBA, Senior Vice President, IPC Healthcare; Lorraine Holan, CPA, Accounting Manager, The CORE Institute; Darren Crowe, MBA-HCM, CEO, Crow/Northern Cheyenne Hospital; Robert Libberton, MBA, Principal, Physician Practice and Behavioral Health Operations Consulting; (not pictured) Jessica Rivas, MSN RN, FACHE, Vice President/CNO Memorial Hermann Hospital System; Brett Behan, MBA, Associate Chief Nursing Officer at Banner – University Medical Center; Dennis Mullins, MBA, Director, Case Management at Banner University Medical Center Tucson