Here’s what Rising Stars clients have to say:


Coaching Feedback

“Thank you for always bringing out the best in me during executive coaching! #InspirationalLeader

If your team is looking for an executive coach/leadership/team dynamics facilitator, I highly recommend Ms. Schlosser. She is without a doubt knowledgeable, kind, and will produce effective team outcomes to address community needs during this pandemic and beyond!”

-Zepporah Fuller, MPH, Project Manager, Comagine Health


“I’ve been working with Joanne on discrete projects and goals over the past five years. She is a real pro. She knows her stuff. She helps you get to your goals. She is a coach with compassion, expertise and professionalism.”

-Barmak Kusha, MPH, Infection Preventionist, HCA Healthcare

“I had been flailing about for years trying to figure out my career direction. After just a few sessions with Joann, I finally began to get some clarity. She has the right tools and asks the right questions to keep clients focused on their professional strengths and professional desires. Knowing that I would have an hour every few weeks or so to just focus on finding the right career path kept me from being overly stressed about it the rest of the time. It was a worthwhile investment in myself and Joann was an able guide. “

-Tamika Simmons, Esquire, In House Counsel, Equality Health

“A super coach and trainer! Besides, she’s just plain nice!!!”

-Richard Deems, President, WorkLife Design

“Joanne helped me and my department work effectively to enhance our leadership skills and styles to tackle the daunting challenges of change management in assisting more than 500 physicians in over 70 offices to adopt and meaningfully use Electronic Health Records. As an executive coach, her positive energy and intuitive focus helped me widen my awareness and practice improved communication skills that built confidence and enabled the successful achievement of my goals.”

– Dr. Greg Raglow, Group Health Informatics Director at Abu Dhabi Health Services Company- SEHA

“I was fortunate to receive professional coaching from Joanne Schlosser a few years ago. She helped me identify well-hidden professional ambitions, try them on for size, and then go for what I really wanted for my career. More importantly, though, was helping me to see in myself that I was capable of higher achievement. The carefully measured coaching she provided then challenged me to challenge myself to get there. When I look back on that time, then I look at where I am now, I see that her coaching provided that pivotal moment in my career that led me toward a dream I hadn’t even recognized before, and I will be forever grateful. Later, I was formally trained and recognized as a coach for my employer, Banner Health. I wanted to provide for others the unique gift of coaching that Joanne provided me. To help us internal coaches keep our skills fresh, Joanne set up and led monthly Coaching Skills Forum sessions for us. I still use the materials on coaching competency skills she created for us when I teach coaching to our system leaders.”  

– Penny Schmiege, RRT, MSL, FAAMA, FACCA, Quality Analyst & Project Manager, The CORE Institute

“I had just transitioned into a Nursing Director position after several years in a Senior Manager role. As comes with any new job with increased responsibility; I had concerns regarding my new position. How would I be able to manage hundreds of employees and yet not be a micromanager? How would I transition from being a peer with my team to now being their leader? How do you influence and get results through others when you no longer have day to day interaction with many of the staff? The time spent coaching with Joanne was invaluable in assisting me to transition into my new role. Joanne’s coaching prompted self-evaluation; including discussion regarding strengths and identifying new or additional skills needed. Her ability to ask probing questions and challenge my current line of thinking provided dialogue regarding new options to issues and concerns. Her coaching sessions provided insight into what I as a leader could not yet see for myself and I became more comfortable thinking ‘out of the box’.Joanne provided an environment of support and open discussion without judging or offering answers. These discussions prompted more rigorous thinking when tackling a problem as well as instilling confidence with my decisions and actions. Joanne shared reading materials, resources and other tools to better assist in managing staff and situations. I appreciate the opportunity to work with Joanne and value the knowledge and insight I gained.”

– Chief Nursing Officer, Arizona

Joanne and I connected through a good friend, who thought we would work well together, and she was right!  Joanne provided the insight to really make me think and help me better understand myself and what I needed to accomplish in order to make a change.  I had a resume and a limited presence on Linked In, but I knew that in order to market myself, I needed to make some improvements. Over the course of several months, Joanne was able to help me clean up my resume, enhance my Linked In profile and build up the confidence to market myself.  Joanne’s professionalism, candor and persistence kept me on track.  Joanne’s coaching, guidance and advice helped me get to where I am professionally today.


-Carolynn Anderson, Vice President Financial Services

Team Coaching Feedback

“I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Joanne numerous times in the past couple of years, and have learned and grown from her coaching immensely. Joanne is incredibly knowledgeable and talented in assisting professionals better understand themselves, their organization, and their team members. The tools, insight, and knowledge I have gained from our interactions has helped me immensely not only in my professional role, but my ability to better understand and work with others across all sectors of my life. Joanne has also provided coaching and guidance to our executive team, allowing us to better understand each other, communicate more effectively, and form more trusting relationships. I will continue to look forward to any opportunities I have to continue to work with her in the future.”

-Sarah Schol, Senior Community Operations Manager, Uber



“Team training, assessments and team coaching games were very well done and I will recommend to others.”

– IT Director, Abrazo Healthcare



“Joanne demonstrates excellence change management skills. She is able to successfully assist teams with navigating through challenging change and paradigm shifts. She maintains an empathic and professional presence at all times.”

– Dorma Eastman, Director Quality Management and Infection Prevention Services

“Joanne is an amazing leader. She helps problem solve, not by solving the problem for you, but facilitates a discussion that is open, frank, respectful and empowering. She has the unique ability to push and pull…push when needed and a pull (back) when she feels the process/team/situation needs to stand on their own. Joanne is smart, intelligent, funny and well-respected. I appreciate her tenacity and passion for improving processes, work flows and helping people become better at what they do!”

– Martha Hughes, Service Excellence Director

“Joanne has been my career coach at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. I am very blessed to have had Joanne contribute to my journey. When you work with Joanne, the first thing you will notice is that she is a great listener. The second thing you will notice is that she never takes anything at face value. Those two skill sets alone will take Joanne wherever she chooses to go, and, lead others as they travel on their path through life.”

– Jodi Suson, Strategic Marketing Management

“Joanne was a member of a 4 person panel on coaching for the Arizona OD NET….I did not need to facilitate as she was engaging, authentic, animated & insightful in the way Joanne smoothly/seamless shared the experience and addressed the content and the questions. I polled a number of the participants as they walked out. All reported having learned a great deal and glad they attended. Joanne’s energy and richness of examples made the event successful.”

– Michael Perna, Director, Organizational Effectiveness at Honeywell

“Having participated in the Leveraging your Strengths to Improve Communication twice- once with Executive Leadership and once with Nursing Leadership- I find the tools invaluable to my own development as a leader. With the Nursing Leadership, we are opening up our monthly meetings with some reflection on what behaviors we have changed as a result of the workshop. I was thrilled at our most recent meeting when each nurse leader brought their workbook and spoke to their personal behavior change. Every single member showed up with the authenticity and vulnerability I believe are essential ingredients of a highly functioning team. We are making progress! I look forward to continuing our work together.”

-Deborah Price, DNP, MPH, PMHNP, Chief Nurse Officer (acting), CAPT USPHS, Phoenix Indian Medical Center

Leadership Development Feedback

“I’ve had the pleasure to work closely with Joanne over the past couple of years. I participated in the Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership program where I was able to network with other healthcare leaders and grow personally and professionally. Joanne is a wonderful facilitator and has put this wonderful leadership program and content together. I’ve also had the privilege of coaching with her over the course of the program and she has helped me to work through various things and challenged me to grow as a leader. She has been a great support and resource to me and to other healthcare leaders!!”

-Kristi Iannucci, MBA, Vice President, Telespecialists


“I first met Joanne Schlosser at a networking event for health care executives. What I learned from that introduction led me to participate in the Arizona Healthcare Emerging Leaders Program (now known as the Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership). In addition to the traditional leadership competencies addressed in the program, I received training on resiliency, emotional intelligence (EQ), and self-awareness, which are often overlooked and under valued when it comes to leadership development programs. This program also provided effective resources for workforce management, and professional development. Joanne is an expert in leadership development and coaching. Since working with her, I have gained new competencies as well as enhanced existing skills that have enabled me to work with organizations in crises, be promoted to more challenging positions in large, complex healthcare systems and achieve successful outcomes.

-Theresa Thurman, MBA, Manager, Employee Health Services Clinics, Sutter Health


“Thank you for always bringing out the best in me during executive coaching! #InspirationalLeader

If your team is looking for an executive coach/leadership/team dynamics facilitator, I highly recommend Ms. Schlosser. She is without a doubt knowledgeable, kind, and will produce effective team outcomes to address community needs during this pandemic and beyond!”

-Zepporah Fuller, MHA, Project Manager, Comagine Health


“Joanne was one of the first experts I hired for a client organization when I relocated the company to Arizona in 1996. I have hired Joanne to design and deliver sessions including Communication Skills, She has always come through for me, being very knowledgeable in her areas of focus, reads the audience well, can adapt quickly. Client reviews are enthusiastic. I highly recommend Joanne as a true professional in the training and coaching of management and leadership skills.”

-Candace Cox, Founder and CEO, UNIVentures, Inc.


“Joanne has been a great pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and experience make her a wonderful coach. I truly appreciate her insightful coaching during the 2019 Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership program. I was able to build confidence and skills while in the program. Thank you, Joanne!”

-Ting Zeng, CPA,  CIA, Controller, Ashion Analytics


“I deeply appreciate the skills and knowledge I gained in the Arizona Institute of Healthcare Leadership. Joanne is able to quickly hone in on the best way to help a candidate improve, and is beyond supportive throughout the whole process. I cannot recommend the course enough, for anyone that is looking to improve their leadership abilities in the healthcare industry. As a counselor I came into the program with a strong EQ – AIHL helped me learn to effectively use those skills in a business context through the DISC model, and even helped improve my general EQ. I work in a specialized sector of healthcare – mental health crisis and suicide prevention.

Learning with professionals from all corners of healthcare expanded my understanding of the greater industry and how to apply those best practices to my work. The greatest benefit of the program for me, was the lasting relationships and support I gained with the other folks in my cohort. They have become imperative for my success in leadership. The length of the program and the collaboration between cohort members provided the space to grow those relationships. Thank you Joanne for everything you do, and the opportunities to learn and grow that you provided!”

-Matthew Moody, Manager, Crisis Response Network




“It’s lonely at the top! As a brand new CEO of a non-profit company Joanne stepped in as my executive coach aiding in my professional development, personal growth and served as a wonderful confidant and sounding board. She took the time to know me and my ambitions, but also wasn’t afraid to have a tough conversation with me when I needed it. I also had the privilege of having Joanne facilitate two executive retreats, a Board strategic planning event, and establishing a new Mission, Vision and Values for my organization. Through the process we were all able to drill down to the core of our organization, clarify our identity and bring out a simple, yet profound, set of values that applied to all corners of our organization. Thanks to Joanne, my organization has a renewed sense of identity and direction as we move forward. I look forward to working with her on future projects.”

– Justin Chase, CEO, Crisis Response Network

“I can appreciate how the Emerging Healthcare Leaders class helped me prepare and feel more confident in my role as the acting CEO, too. I’ve been jumping right into the issues and taking action, having the learned skillset to handle the situation(s) as they emerge, without any real idea what we are stepping into. Thank you for your valuable class and one on one coaching. I’m using an A3 six sigma tool to sort out all the issues and am developing action plans for the top priorities, using some tools from our class. The Area Director now can appreciate the organization style that I have brought to the executive team to address each of the items in the A3 model.”

– Darren Crowe, CEO, Crow/Northern Cheyenne Hospital

“As a conference manager, finding speakers who are both great lecturers AND follow directions from management is sometimes like herding cats. Joanne is dynamic, professional, easy to work with and a crowd pleaser, with 75% of respondents saying they would like to see her name on the program again. Other comments included, “Best speaker of the PIHRA conference.” “Great coach, great teacher, great speaker!!” and “This was a great session and gave me great ideas in ways to change my approach in providing coaching and training to managers at my organization. This was SO helpful!””

– Paulette Fontanez, CMP, Program Manager, Professionals In Human Resources Association

“Joanne, Mary and Mike led a high-energy and impactful session for the Arizona Organization Development network. The turnout was terrific and the feedback exceptional. The activities provided practical and engaging ideas for improving relationships and team dynamics. Joanne is very perceptive and knows how to lead a great session. We’re proud to have her as a part of the AZ ODN community.”

Kate McMillen, MSOD, Talent Strategy, Organizational Development, Infusionsoft

“During the last six months working with Joanne, my focused sessions helped me to articulate barriers to success, create action oriented goals and accomplish my objectives to lead my team forward to more and better accountability. These action oriented results happened quicker and smoother as a result of working with my coach as opposed to trial and error methodology. I would recommend this program to anyone trying to increase the level of performance in their organization.”

– Maureen Cahill, Administrator, Spurgeon Manor Retirement Community

“Joanne organizes and prepares practical, quality material based on industry trends and best practices. In addition to be an excellent communicator, she is naturally able to engage audiences through thought provoking questions. During the time we worked together, Joanne delivered over 100 presentations to leaders at all levels on topics including Coaching Skills, Leading Change, Change Acceleration Process, Change Agent Certification program, Leadership Essentials, Patient Experience, Shaping the Future/Employee Engagement and Positive Deviance. She served as a coach to many leaders and physicians, helping to grow their leadership skills and improve the effectiveness of their teams. Joanne would be a valuable asset to your organization and I give my highest recommendation.”

– Process Engineer Director, Healthcare

“We were pleased to have Joanne speak at the 2014 AZSHRM State Conference. Her topic was well attended by our attendees and they gave her great feedback on the content. One attendee wrote, “Awesome! Change and provoking thoughts!””

– Linda Michaels, PHR SHRM-CP, Senior Human Resources Manager

Consulting and Change Management Feedback

“Joanne’s energy, intuition and engaging presentation style brings out the best in her participants. She leads her business with integrity, generosity and wholeheartedness…a great model for a coach and business partner!”

– Tiffanie Dillard, PhD, SPHR, Healthcare Executive

“Joanne is a steadfast presence with bias for action. While at Banner she led the development of our change management strategy, focused on the creation of a cadre of engaged, competent and confident change agents committed to leading change and getting results. She was also a key thought leader in the development of Banner’s internal coaching strategy, focused on individual and team based coaching. I have always been impressed with Joanne’s ability to stay on top of industry trends and best practices, as well as her ability to deal with ambiguity and complexity. She is calm under pressure and can be counted on to generate innovative solutions to any challenge. At the end of the day you can count on her to take initiative and get this done!”

– Beth Stiner, Vice President, Human Resources, Banner University Medical Division

Change Management Training Feedback

“As an employee, I was seen to be an up and coming leader and was asked to participate in a Change Agent Certification training course led by Joanne. Joanne’s style was very easy, calming and reassuring. I learned a great deal and was selected to be part of an elite group of employees that were trained to be specialized staff to assist our corporation with major projects that would bring significant changes to different departments. Over a two year period Joanne’s training developed me professionally and landed me a position as a new leader in the organization. Through Joanne’s training, I became a leader that people turned to for input that would impact many clients and employees in our organization. Joanne has played a key role in my personal development. In our interactions, I am constantly evaluating where I am professionally and personally and have the full unbiased and nurturing support of Joanne.   She is a perfect combination of a strong professional and a caring soul. My interactions with Joanne have proven to be fun, enlightening, and invaluable.”

– Malcolm Smith, MA, Senior Manager, Social Work, Interim Director, Case Management

“Over the past several years Joanne and I have defined, designed and implemented a system-wide Change Agent Certification Program. We trained hundreds of change agents. Joanne is incredibly talented and through this work has demonstrated her ability to influence processes and outcomes in the organization. Joanne has such great expertise and the ability to bring it to life in a feasible, collaborating way – never ceases to amaze me.”

Director, Healthcare

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