Are You and Your Leaders COACHABLE?

Take this quick quiz to determine if you or your leaders are a candidate for coaching. Jot down the letter next to your chosen answer.

  1. You are coachable if:
    1. You want to learn and grow
    2. You are motivated and ambitious
    3. You’re fine the way you are
  2. When things go wrong:
    1. You’re willing to look at your part in the problem
    2. You are quick to analyze ways to improve for the next time
    3. It’s always someone else’s fault
  3. The coachable client is:
    1. willing to challenge their assumptions
    2. open to receiving feedback
    3. looking for a “quick fix”

If you’ve chosen “a” & “b” above, you are coachable. If you’ve chosen “c” for each question, this may not be the right time for you to explore coaching. For more information, see the statements below.


Each of the statements below is true.

  1. Coachability depends on:
    1. attitude
    2. active participation
    3. attainable, stretch goals
  2. Anyone can be coached if they:
    1. can identify what they want to change
    2. set meaningful goals for themselves
    3. see the need for improvement
    4. are committed to their personal development
  3. The uncoachable client:
    1. feels forced to participate
    2. is unable to identify areas of growth and/or learning
    3. is unwilling or unable to look closely at him/herself
    4. has little or no time to invest in coaching

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