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At Rising Stars, we understand that people are the heart of healthcare. Better leaders build stronger relationships that are the backbone of teams everywhere.

Effective communication, trust, engagement and leadership drive success. Healthcare is a patient-centered field, requiring leaders who understand that people skills, emotional intelligence and the ability to communicate and work with a wide variety of personalities and styles is critical for success.

The Rising Stars team is certified to use diagnostic assessments to increase leaders’ understanding of self, improve their ability to effectively communicate, build relationships and facilitate transformational change for better organizational outcomes.

Our assessment tools include:

  • The TTI TriMetrix DNA® – A Complete Assessment Solution.
    In today’s healthcare arena, the competitive talent trends make it crucial to have an effective way to assess, develop and retain top talent. TriMetrix offers a way to discover the real characteristics of superior performance. Based on a unique 37-factor analysis, TriMetrix reveals a person’s specific traits in three areas that describe the how (behaviors), why (values) and what (personal skills) of individual performance.

As a job benchmarking tool, the same three areas are used to measure the requirements of the job, providing a complete system to compare talent to the position and create the best job fit. With all of the components in this assessment system, TriMetrix ensures that you hire, develop, promote and retain top talent.

  • The TTI TriMetrix EQ® – This assessment is similar to the DNA, with a focus on revealing a person’s specific traits in three areas that describe the how (behaviors), why (values) and Emotional Intelligence or EQ (the way they understand interacting with self and others).

At Rising Stars, EQ is an important element we focus on in developing strong leaders. Building EQ enables leaders to win over their team rather than using a more authoritative approach. EQ has proven to be a more powerful indicator of leadership success than IQ.

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  • TTI Stress Quotient® – Stress Assessment Tool. There’s no doubt that healthcare can be a stressful field. Senior leaders, physicians, nurses and staff deal with tough and sometimes emotional situations. Stress can negatively affect morale of teams, the confidence of individuals in their jobs as well as productivity. Stress Quotient® is an accurate diagnostic for revealing the stressors at play in your workplace. This assessment can identify stress in the workplace and whether it is hampering productivity, ruining your organization’s culture or staying within reasonable levels. Once the stressors are identified, leaders have the ability to address the root causes, which can include lack of job fit, miscommunications or mismanagement.
  • TTI OD Surveys PlusOrganizational Development Surveys. The need for accurate and timely assessment of organizational development priorities has never been more important than it is today. Managers must continually examine and assess the workforce, how well employees are achieving organizational goals and where the organization needs realignment in order to succeed.At Rising Stars, we use a tool called OD Surveys Plus to identify the types of interventions needed to perform at the highest level. We customize every survey to suit your organization’s needs and goals. These customized surveys include:
    • Organizational Development/Employee Engagement Surveys
    • 360/Personal Performance Surveys – These surveys are an important tool that gathers valuable feedback regarding the effectiveness of an individual’s performance. They can be used for development of leaders of all levels or for a better understanding and improvement of performance issues. We offer a variety of customized 360 surveys for leaders of all levels as well as a Leading Change 360 Assessment.
  • Job Benchmarking Assessment Enabling organizations to secure the talent necessary for success. Rising Stars utilizes the TTI Success Insights Job Benchmarking tool to assist organizations and hospitals in attracting the best candidates for a job, and hiring the right people who are the best fit for the organization. The TTI process is a unique and effective solution because it benchmarks a specific job, not the person in the job. When Job Benchmarking is implemented properly, it will have a direct effect on your business’ bottom line by reducing turnover and improving productivity with employees who are best fit for their roles. Rising Stars uses Job Benchmarking in combination with other assessment tools including TTI TriMetrix DNA for the best results. We can provide you with reports to show which candidates are likely to succeed and how to develop them for even greater results.

“I was given a unique opportunity to be part of a leadership mentoring program. During the course of this program, we completed an assessment about our DISC (behaviors) and emotional intelligence.  This wasn’t just an assessment about the ways I am inclined to behave. It wasn’t just an assessment of my emotional intelligence. It was a mirror. It was a reflection back to me of all the things that I knew. But more importantly, it helped me to see what I didn’t know. I have come to understand that people can easily give us the positive feedback, but not so much the negative. And all of us would like to think that our family, friends, and close colleagues could be honest with us about our short comings, but that just isn’t the case. After all, they love and care for us, right? And… that makes it difficult for them to say, “you aren’t perfect.”

That is what this assessment did for me, it highlighted my strengths and ways in which I could improve. I have been using this as an opportunity for growth, not just professionally but also personally. I believe it is helping me in all of my relationships. In my work life, it has helped me to understand the ways in which I approach things and guided me in being more successful, I was recently promoted to Assistant Chief Nursing Officer. In my personal life, it has helped me. And through this, I am becoming a better nurse, colleague, leader, mother, and wife. In essence, all the ‘titles’ I hold in life were impacted by this one small activity. Which when I think back, wasn’t small at all. In fact, it was rather life changing.”


Candace Lee,  Assistant Chief Nursing Officer

Phoenix Indian Medical Center

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Great Results For Our Clients: Health Plan Assessment and Coaching

Rising Stars developed and delivered a customized 360 assessment to measure how a group of Emerging Leaders working in a health plan were demonstrating the core values of their organization. Our team facilitated a workshop to heighten their understanding of the assessment results, created a Coaching Action Plan template for the leaders to identify specific opportunities for improvement and provided one to one coaching to facilitate action toward their desired future state.