Executive Leadership and Team Coaching

At Rising Stars, our executive coaching programs support hospital and healthcare industry leaders from mid-level managers to the CEO. Coaching at the senior level enables individuals to embrace effective communication and create a positive change in behaviors, skills and interactions that lead to improved performance, heightened learning, career advancement and bottom line benefit to your organization. As certified coaches we partner with your hospital leaders and physicians to:

  • Achieve breakthrough goals in leadership and business
  • Expand their leadership skills
  • Tackle challenges that may be holding them back from success
  • Use their strengths to drive their team forward

The Rising Stars team customizes every leadership coaching program to meet your organization’s needs. As a result of our hands-on style, executives are ready to take on the changes occurring in the industry, from implementing meaningful use and electronic medical records to transforming practices to patient-centered medical homes. It’s all about looking ahead to a successful future.

Benefits of Executive and Leadership Coaching

  • Accelerates a fast track career
  • Gains a competitive advantage in your workplace
  • Overcomes barriers and enhances productivity
  • Increases learning and self-awareness
  • Leverages strengths more effectively to achieve your goals
  • Creates more enthusiasm and energy
  • Generates more fulfillment at work and home

FREE Healthcare Leaders Coaching Session

Are your executives ready to explore their leadership potential? Rising Stars offers a FREE 30 minute “Reach for the Stars” Healthcare Leadership Coaching Session. This valuable session assists leaders to:

  • Uncover obstacles to success
  • Create an action plan that moves individuals forward
  • Increase their energy for the leadership journey

There are limited spaces available. Reserve your FREE session today –
Contact us at Joanne@RisingStarsLLC.com or 602-909-4990.

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