Organizational Development

How are Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities Differentiating Themselves in Today’s Era of Reform? By Improving Organizational Culture and Employee Engagement Through OD.

What is OD (Organizational Development)?

We are asked this question by leaders all the time.

Simply put, Organizational Development (OD) is a “planned, organization-wide effort to increase an organization’s effectiveness and/or efficiency, and/or to enable the organization to achieve its strategic goals.”

OD utilizes behavioral science knowledge to advance organizational readiness and effectiveness through planned interventions. Organizational development programs are system-wide and often begin with the senior leadership teams who work to invoke positive culture change within the organization.

Why You Need An Organizational Check-Up

At Rising Stars, we analyze what’s going on with your hospital or organization, identify problems and work with you on setting goals to get your group where it needs to be. As OD consultants, we work with internal teams to identify new and creative ways of working that get results. After our initial analysis, we develop a comprehensive needs assessment to determine the most effective solutions for the organization as a whole, with a commitment to improving performance and operations.

Working with a Rising Stars OD consultant, leaders can more effectively identify business and operational challenges that need to be solved. Whether it’s delivering a higher level of compassionate patient care at the bedside or communicating more effectively internally, we serve as your team’s advisor and coach while identifying the best methods that will lead you to optimal performance and better outcomes.

How Do We Achieve OD Results?

As your OD consultant our focus on process improvement and culture change includes several important tools that can improve performance and overall organizational effectiveness:

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Great Results For Our Clients: Organizational Development

Rising Stars facilitated a two-day global meeting with participants from eight countries to ensure all mid-level to senior managers were on track with the organization’s goals and expectations. How can expert facilitation or team coaching enable your organization to achieve its objectives?

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