Leadership Retreat Facilitation for Focusing on the Big Picture

Communicate. Create Vision. Motivate. Build. Plan. Achieve Desired Results.

Leadership retreats, especially those retreats facilitated off-site and away from the daily distractions of the office, bring together integral members of your leadership team to focus on big picture issues and strategies. Off-site retreats often allow leaders to reconnect and refocus on the organization’s goals, mission, vision and strategy for long term growth and success.

Strategic Planning retreats provide the opportunity for all participants to have a voice in an atmosphere that inspires a renewed focus on your organization’s strategies and three to five year plan. Then, action planning can be done to determine what steps, processes and procedures need to be implemented to achieve healthy outcomes.

Rising Stars’ leadership retreat facilitation helps your executives address challenges faced by change in the healthcare field, identify opportunities for building stronger relationships, growth and enhanced communication as well as leverage the strengths of the leadership team as a whole.

Why Partner with a Leadership Retreat Facilitator?

The Rising Stars team works with your leadership team to determine your retreat objectives, plan a comprehensive agenda and to facilitate the retreat. Our processes and tools ensure that your team leaves knowing exactly what needs to happen to achieve the goals set forth.

Rising Stars’ experienced facilitators are more than just moderators. We work with your leaders to create an engaging environment that sparks ideas, inspires communication and relationship building and ensures that your leaders are tackling the big issues and challenges of the day.

We build fun and accountability in so the event is memorable, collaborative and productive. Participants will leave feeling motivated and have a greater understanding of how to work together to achieve results.

Our expertise includes planning and facilitation for:

  • Executive team retreats
  • Strategic planning retreats for boards, executives and their teams
  • Creation of new organizational mission, vision, values and behaviors
  • Neuroscience visioning session
  • HIMS visioning session
  • Healthcare innovation retreat
  • Medical executive committee retreats
  • Business development retreats
  • Leadership team meetings
  • Team building retreats

Contact Rising Stars today to find out how we can facilitate your next leadership retreat – Joanne@RisingStarsLLC.com or 602-909-4990.

“I have been attending staff retreats, executive retreats with the purpose of establishing new company goals, strategies, values and company directions, over the past 22 years. I have participated in groups of 5 – 20.   I shared the numbers because I found that the number of individuals didn’t make a difference. We never, and I do meant NEVER, came out with all of our agenda items met. Your guidance and leadership allowed us to get our goals, values and strategic plan created 100%. As I shared with you at the end of our 2 day retreat, this was a first for me. I arriving feeling like “Here we go again. Another 2 days of my time wasted.” I left with feelings of great accomplishment, energized to move forward and keep leading my staff and company. YOU ROCK!”

– Liz Smithhart, Vice President of Program Development and Evaluation, Crisis Response Network

Great Results For Our Clients: Behavioral Health Strategic Planning Retreat

Rising Stars collaborated with a behavioral health organization’s CEO and COO to co-create the agenda for a two day Strategic Planning Retreat. Most of the executive team was new to the organization. We created new mission statement, vision, values and behaviors which the board of directors immediately approved at the end of the second day.