Transforming Leaders to Meet
Healthcare’s Changing Landscape.

• Leadership Development
• Change Management
• Coaching
• Organizational Development

Increased efficiency, operations,
communication and employee
engagement –

It starts with Rising
Stars’ leadership development
programs and personalized
one-to-one executive coaching.

Rising Stars Executive &
Team Coaching

• Work effectively together
• Improve communication
• Make transformational changes
• Achieve Results

Better leaders build

Enhance communication,
emotional intelligence,
engagement and leadership
skills through Rising Stars’
customized diagnostic
assessment tools.


Developing Leaders to Meet Healthcare’s Changing Landscape

Rising Stars works with healthcare leaders, executives, physicians and their teams who want to be their best, and deliver outstanding results as they transform their hospitals and care facilities, their teams and themselves to achieve their full potential. The Rising Stars team has the knowledge, tools and resources to transform today’s leaders to deliver their best results, improve team effectiveness, increase patient satisfaction and quality of care, and enhance employee engagement. We provide coaching, consulting, leadership development, assessments, retreat facilitation, and more, inspiring hospitals, long term care facilities, behavioral health and others to successfully navigate the ever-changing healthcare industry.

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