Executive Leadership and Team Coaching

The healthcare arena is changing at a rapid pace. COVID-19 has changed everything! It has impacted patient care, disease transmission, revenue, telehealth and much more. The Quadruple Aim of enhancing patient experience, improving population health, reducing costs and improving the work life of health care providers has never been more important. Are your senior leaders struggling with any of these concerns? Is your team ready for the Great Resignation, as leaders and staff resign for new opportunities, retire or refuse to get their COVID-19 vaccination?

At Rising Stars, our focus is on supporting hospital and other industry leaders as they navigate these changing winds, preparing them to weather the slightest breeze or strongest gust in healthcare today. We equip leaders with the tools needed to move their organizations forward successfully through customized coaching programs for executives as well as teams.

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a facilitated process where the essential components are deep listening, powerful questions, reflection, summarizing, feedback and occasionally providing ideas and resources. Coaching is not consulting or telling you what to do. The Rising Stars team works in partnership with clinical and non-clinical senior leadership, executives and teams to define goals and a clear path to achieving those goals, and to drive positive change within your organization.

What Can You Achieve Through Coaching?

Our coaches are specially trained to leverage individual and team strengths to achieve desired results. With coaching, you learn how to:

  • Create better working relationships with leaders, peers, staff, and providers
  • Develop essential leadership skills including enhanced emotional intelligence
  • Prepare for the next level position and improve behaviors needed for achieving success
  • Improve effectiveness in working together as a team to achieve better results, including patient safety, patient satisfaction, employee engagement and improved outcomes
  • Understand behavioral differences and how to communicate more effectively with others

What Makes the Rising Stars Coaching Program Successful?

  • Clearly defined, customized action plans that drive the process
  • Confidentiality, communication and commitment
  • A receptive leader who seeks change or growth
  • A strong, co-created partnership between the coach and the coachee
  • A decade of experience coaching leaders in hospitals, acute and post-acute care facilities, behavioral and community health, health insurance and physician practices
“Joanne helped me and my department work effectively to enhance our leadership skills and styles to tackle the daunting challenges of change management in assisting more than 500 physicians in over 70 offices to adopt and meaningfully use Electronic Health Records. As an executive coach, her positive energy and intuitive focus helped me widen my awareness and practice improved communication skills that built confidence and enabled the successful achievement of my goals.”
– Dr. Greg Raglow, Group Health Informatics Director at
Abu Dhabi Health Services Company- SEHA
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The healthcare arena is changing at a rapid pace. A renewed focus on patient-centered care, quality and patient safety as well as new regulations in insurance, reimbursements and electronic medical records have many hospitals running to keep up. Are your senior leaders prepared for the winds of reform?
Leadership Devleopment
Because we’ve worked with many acute care, post-acute, community health, behavioral health and hospital systems, we have the understanding and experience to create the program that’s right for your team.
Organizational Development
How are Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities Differentiating Themselves in Today’s Era of Reform? By Improving Organizational Culture and Employee Engagement Through OD.
Free 30 minute intro coaching session
Curious to learn more about how Executive Coaching can help you achieve your goals?