Leadership Development

Do you want someone who understands the challenges your organization and hospital leaders face? Rising Stars can help you achieve your goals!

How do we do this?

Because we’ve worked with many acute care, post-acute, community health, behavioral health and hospital systems, we have the understanding and experience to create the program that’s right for your team. Rising Stars’ leadership development programs and personalized one-to-one executive coaching sessions provide leaders with the tools needed for increased efficiency, operations, communication and employee engagement.

The Challenges and Rewards of Healthcare Leadership – We Know the Game

As you and your team are working feverishly to stay ahead of the many changes in the industry, Rising Stars can partner with you to accelerate the competencies of your leaders and physicians to achieve your key organizational priorities. Joanne Schlosser has served on several hospital administration teams and understands the challenges and rewards of strong and strategic leadership. We have provided leadership development for hundreds of executives, managers, directors and physicians including:

  • Leadership Accelerator Program
  • Creation and roll out of a New Leader Experience training program that has served thousands of newly hired and promoted leaders
  • Leading Change
  • Creating Change Champions
  • Emerging Healthcare Leaders
  • Leveraging Your Strengths to Improve Your Communication
  • Leveraging Your Strengths to Improve Your Business
  • Leadership that Inspires
  • Collaborating for Outstanding Outcomes
  • Coaching for Great Results
  • Engaging Your Employees
  • New Leader Assimilation
  • Delivering Superstar Service – the Patient Experience
  • And more!

The Leadership Development Experience Your Organization Needs

Rising Stars has served as the change agent and/or coach for many transformational projects such as:

Leveraging Your Strengths to Improve Communication

Participants will complete the TTI DISC and Driving Forces assessment, prior to the workshop, it measures DISC behaviors (how people act), and Driving Forces (why they behave as they do) participants receive a customized report. They discover what strengths they possess and gain insights into how to interact with employees, patients, leaders and others more effectively.

Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

Participants will complete the TTI EQ Emotional Intelligence assessment prior to the workshop. They  receive a customized report identifying the five key aspects of emotional intelligence. Daniel Goleman states that 90% of the difference between a good leader and great one is their EQ. Outcomes for this session include:

Fulfilling Your Role as a Leader

Developing Situational Leadership Skills

Building Your Accountability

Developing Your Talent

Managing Conflict

Rising Stars also delivers several effective change training programs, providing senior executives, managers, physician leaders and hospital teams with the skills needed to lead change effectively.

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