Compelling Culture Creates Employee Engagement

September 22, 2021

What is the secret to great employee engagement? Today we touch on a few ideas around creating a compelling culture.You’ve heard the expression “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” It’s true and environment (part of culture) triumphs over willpower. That basket of Halloween candy on your desk, means you’re probably indulging, even though you are determined to lose weight. Removing it is the easiest solution; eliminating the environmental challenge makes it’s easier to achieve the desired outcome. Most employees come to work ready to do their job well. How do you create a culture that provides support and removes barriers so your employees can give their best?Three Ways to Destroy EngagementDon’t trust your employees. Employees want to be trusted, respected and liked. When someone doesn’t trust us, our natural reaction is to not trust them. Making a bunch of rigid rules because you’ve had one or two infractions is a good example. The majority of your employees may resent the rules and feel penalized.Micromanage your employees. This may stem from lack of trust or your inability to delegate. Hire talented people and give them the tools and resources needed to succeed. Teach them what needs to be done and then encourage them to do the job their way (within your organizational guidelines). Don’t remove their sense of accomplishment by dictating every step. Obviously, if you are teaching someone a clinical or technical protocol, there is a procedure to be followed.Don’t hold people accountable. If you don’t hold individuals accountable for results, the poor performers may be happy and feel like they are getting away with something. The high performing employees want to be held accountable, they want to show you what a great job they are doing. They want to make a difference for your patients and others. They really want you to hold the poor performers and their constantly tardy colleagues accountable. Why should they play by the rules if others don’t and incur no penalty?

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One Way to Generate ExcitementMany healthcare and other organizations hold a pre-shift meeting or huddle. This is an excellent time to share important information and ensure everyone is ready to go. To generate enthusiasm and engagement try Steve Wynn’s (Wynn Hotels) approach; at each meeting ask your staff to share a story that occurred the previous day or week of how they helped a patient, visitor, colleague or customer. Thank the person for their efforts. Celebrate! Give your team a chance to shine and be recognized. Create back of house posters, use your Social Media, etc. to share what occurred. People will be eager to tell their story and to learn how others are going above and beyond. They become truly engaged in providing the best experience possible. One positive story inspires other to excel. Outcome: engaged employees creating a better experience for your patients and customers and are more likely to stay with you.Words of Wisdom“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” – Stephen R. CoveyJoanne is leading the Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership 2016 Class - Apply NowAre you interested in developing yourself or your seasoned leaders?The Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership program (formerly known as the AzHHA Emerging Healthcare Leaders Program) provides high potential leaders within hospitals and healthcare organizations the necessary skills to become exceptional leaders. As your organization changes and current leadership is promoted or considers retirement, who are you preparing to take their place? The program includes a ten month comprehensive curriculum combining core leadership competency working sessions with multiple layers of applied practice in healthcare. In addition to facilitated learning sessions, participants receive one to one executive coaching, and a detailed TTI TriMetrix EQ assessment which provides deeper understanding in the areas of behavior, motivation and emotional intelligence.One of last year’s graduates shared:“The most helpful component of this program was the opportunity to share experiences, challenges and ideas with a group of dedicated individuals interested in improving not only themselves but their work environment and others. The support of the group created an opportunity for me to gain confidence, ask questions and feel comfortable in a learning environment.The one on one contact with the team members and mentorship of Joanne proved to be an outstanding experience developing my knowledge base with great suggestions to lead through challenging times! A great experience.”Participants must be mid-level to senior leaders in healthcare. To discuss a customized in-house program for your leaders, contact more information contact Amy Richardson, at and (602) 445-4311 or Joanne Schlosser at Applications are available here and due by Nov. 30th. Program begins Jan. 8, 2016.Speaking, Events and TravelSept. 19 – How to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Blog Radio Interview with Therese Paul – you can listen here, Therese has a 60 min show, the interview starts at 6:50-22 min and resumes at about 36:00 to 55:00 min. (several of you have been asking for the link, thank you.)Nov 6-13 PanamaNov. 16 & 23 Leading Change Webinars for Healthcare LeadersNov. 18 PATH Post-Acute Transitional Healthcare Meeting, Phoenix, AZNov. 19th Executive Team Building, Phoenix, AZNov. 30th Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership application deadline

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