Gems from ACHE Congress, Part 3

September 22, 2021

I attended the American College of Healthcare Executives Congress in March. Here, in tweet format are highlights, more at #ACHE2016. Apologies as not all sources are named.Patient Safety/Patient Experience Gems

  • Gems from Robert Wachter, MD:
  • "What is odd is not that we are trying to create value. What is odd is that it's new."
  • "The vast majority of changes in healthcare are independent of the ACA."
  • When it comes to patient safety, "The main epiphany we have had is that checklists work." This took years to realize.
  • 42% of hospitals have hired a Chief Experience Officer. Up from 20% in 2013. Anthony Cirillo, MD
  • Margaret (Peggy) O'Kane CMS quality stars have significant impact on plan retention
  • "If you don't focus on the consumer, they won't focus on you." Zach Griffin, Governance Institute
  • "We used to do things TO people; now we do things WITH people."
  • "We don't miss meeting or exceeding expectations in healthcare. We miss setting them." Jake Poore
  • Keys for success: Be transparent, ease of access, patient experience, personalize experience to prove value. Rob Lazerow
  • Brand strategy 2: importance of prior experiences and hospital reputation growing with younger age groups, MD recommendation is falling.
  • To successfully engage patients, providers have to think about what's happening when patients aren't in the office." SanJay Rad, MD
  • Meaningful Use EHR's must include: gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity.
  • Providence Health motto is "Know me, care for me, ease my way" to transforming care.

Palliative Care Gems

  • Diane Meier, MD Gems:
  • On palliative care "If we don't help the family caregiver, everything we do will fail":
  • "If the problem is lack of training, the solution is training," says Dr. Meier on how to deal with dying patients.
  • Among the costliest 5% of patients, only 11% are in their last 12 months of life. Most people think the number is higher. Meier

Interesting Facts

  • Memorial Hermann only employs about 200 of their 4,000 Drs. How many do you employ? What makes the most sense for your organization?
  • Banks spend 10% on IT, 7% additional on security. Healthcare spends 3% on IT, 5% of that 3% on security. Almost 12% of breaches are caused by mistakes like opening improper emails, says CHIME's President Russell Branzell.
  • In 2015 40 million Americans had a high deductible health plan. In 2006 this number was 6 million.

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