How Can you Maximize Results?

September 22, 2021

Recently I presented at the Northeast Human Resources Association (NEHRA) Annual Conference. David Rock was one of the keynote speakers. He had some interesting points about how to maximize results based on mindset. The two mindsets he shared are those in Carol Dweck's book, Mindset the New Psychology of Success. David said to increase managers' confidence, help them shift from fixed to growth mindset.Think about it, when we set stretch goals we increase performance. When we stay in fixed mindset and aim for the bare minimum, there is no growth.People with a growth mindset say things like "Can I have another mentor, please?" They are curious and eager to learn, about themselves, their environment, their work and how they can improve.People with a fixed mindset would prefer to keep doing what they are doing. The goal is to prove yourself, to look good. They are successful and don't want to rock the boat by trying things that may not have a positive outcome, so they may decline a promotion or a challenging new project.Someone with a growth mindset is looking for ways to improve, and continuously strives for new heights and new challenges. They are more likely to have self-efficacy and the confidence to create solutions to today's and tomorrow's organizational challenges. To maximize your results, create a team with growth mindset.Arizona Institute for Healthcare LeadershipAre you interested in developing yourself or your seasoned leaders? The Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership program provides high potential leaders within hospitals and healthcare organizations the necessary skills to become exceptional leaders. As your organization changes and current leadership is promoted or considers retirement, who are you preparing to take their place? Effective leadership development does not just happen on the job or through a one time learning opportunity, it happens through rich experiences, research proven techniques and tools, and knowledge exchange with other leaders. This program is designed to develop healthcare professionals with the leadership skills needed to grow their career to the next level.One of the 2016 graduates shared:"Through this experience I became more aware of my emotional intelligence and its impact on the success of the organization, being a senior leader. I also learned to handle my inner Gremlin better as a female, minority leader. In addition, I learned so much from my peers in the program, their similar struggles and successes made me feel I am not and my organization is not alone working through the immense and unprecedented challenges of healthcare and generational leadership transitions."Applications are available here and due by Dec. 2nd. Program begins Jan. 20, 2017. For more information contact Joanne Schlosser at or 480-840-6024.Want to really build your bench strength? Call to discuss a customized in-house program for your leaders.

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