Living Your Organization's Pillars

September 22, 2021

Last week I had the privilege and pleasure of co-facilitating two retreats for the South Health Campus hospital (SHC) in Calgary with Todd Weinstein and Andrea Griggs. Our goal was to help the Operating Room (OR) Team to improve communication between physicians, anesthesiologists, nurses, aids, MDR and PACU. This tied in with the SHC foundational pillar of Collaborative Practice. We created a powerful agenda that explored what it felt like to be in one another’s shoes, looked at the impact of mindset on communication, provided communication tools and then a chance to “real play” the scenarios. The feedback said the day was enlightening and impactful. Early reports confirm that changes to improve communication began with the very next OR shift and continue.While there I had the chance to tour this beautiful campus that partially opened in 2012 and continues to expand. It’s very impressive. It is designed to showcase the four pillars the hospital stands for: Collaborative Practice, Innovation, Patient & Family Centred Care & Wellness. Here are a few ways they are living their organizational pillars:• South Health Campus features a Wellness Centre that includes a YMCA facility for patients, community and staff, health resource and knowledge centres, interactive and demonstration wellness kitchen, and meeting spaces for wellness programs and events.• The YMCA features a walking track, multipurpose spaces, fitness centre, indoor climbing wall and other amenities and is open to people of all ages. • The campus has a community feel with open spaces, gardens, visual arts and a several café-style retail spaces, including one named Pillars. Research shows that these features lead to faster recoveries, reduced stress, and an enhanced patient and staff experience.• Family Presence: Family and friends are integral to the patient's healing process and are welcomed as essential members of the healthcare team. Family/support person(s) are defined by the patient and is welcome to stay overnight on most inpatient units.• Innovation was demonstrated throughout the Campus. These elevator doors are one small way to capture attention that can lead to behavior change. Who doesn’t stare at the elevator door while waiting for it to open? Lots of organizations have pillars, values and/or behaviors. It’s exciting to see the organization and employees truly bring them to life. How is your organization living your values and/or pillars? How can living them fully positively impact your team, patients, customers, families and the community you serve?*In honor of our topic, Canadian spelling is used.

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