Self Compassion

September 22, 2021

As an executive coach, I work with so many clients who love their jobs, but complain about how they are working so hard and how they are not taking care of themselves, physically, mentally and/or emotionally. Work, family, committees, projects, the obligations are never ending. Burnout, especially in healthcare is very real. It’s essential to find ways to care for yourself if you want to care for others or lead other clinical or non-clinical caregivers. Self care builds resiliency and helps with better emotional intelligence and health.This brief tip below was written by my colleague and friend, Dr. Ivy Loney, DBH, Director of Integrated Health at Summit Regional Medical Center.Take Care of You“How often do those of us self sacrifice or stress ourselves to the point that we physically suffer: fatigue, compromised immune system, skin conditions, headaches, digestive issues, and pain. This happens more often than people would like to believe. Did you know that your stomach and the fascial nets in your body have just as many, if not more, neural transmissions than the brain. This lends itself to the science that it is not "all in your head." We are a complex integrated system and every aspect of ourselves and our lives influences the whole. Practice self compassion and forgiveness as one way to reduce some stress and pressures. Have you set up an unrealistic rule for yourself that keeps you living in a perpetual state of frustration and defeat? This can be a rule related to so many things: diet, exercise, grades, work, home improvement projects, parenting, being a good spouse or name it.I had a patient whose grandfather had stressed saving 50% of everything he made. He took that rule so to heart that he worked 2.5 jobs and suffered from some pretty devastating health complications from his drive to not break the rule his grandfather set, while also trying to make ends meet. Once he was able to work on his all or nothing thinking (50% savings or complete failure) he was able to achieve a more balanced perspective. After all most people are lucky to save 5%!What rules have you set for yourself that could use some self compassion or forgiveness? It doesn't mean you have to completely let go of the dream forever...just long enough to restore some balance and gain some perspective.”I challenge you to find one way you can practice self compassion this week. Email to let me know what you’ve done. I’ll encourage and support you.

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