Time to Reflect

September 22, 2021

We recently returned from an amazing “bucket list” trip to the British Isles. While walking around Glencoe Lochen, Scotland (pictured) I was struck by how much the reflection looked as real as the trees and sky. The scene was so incredible and serene, we returned three days in a row. Gazing at this gorgeous place, time seemed to stand still. It provided a chance to reflect on what’s really important. For me that answer is family, work I love and time in nature.Traveling is an incredible way to learn how other people live and what others individually and collectively value. In Scotland, people told us with pride, they are a green country; meaning many people live in small homes, hang laundry out to dry, recycle, etc. They are more inclined to take buses, trains, bikes and walk then to drive in already crowded cities. They live their values.In the US, Labor Day weekend signals the beginning of fall (except in Phoenix, where it’s still over 100+.) As the weather cools and school resumes, it can be a great time for reflection. How did you spend your summer? Did you find time for restorative, fun activities with loved ones? Are you on track with your career? Are you living your life purposefully? Are you living from your values?Perhaps you can find a few minutes this holiday weekend to reflect on where you are in life. What are your values? What’s truly important? Where are you going? Reflect! You have four months left in 2019 to make any changes you choose. Need help? Coaching is a great way to explore, reflect and grow. Want to find out more? Email me at Joanne@RisingStarsLLC.com for a complimentary 25 minute coaching session to see if coaching can help you reach your professional, team, organizational and/or personal goals. We provide executive, leadership and team coaching. The TTI TriMetrix assessment I use helps you gain a deeper understanding of your behaviors, motivations and emotional intelligence or skills. This knowledge leads to a better sense of yourself, your strengths and opportunities and a chance to change, if you so desire.

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