Where's Your Focus?

September 22, 2021

Lately, there's a noticeable, recurring theme with my executive coaching and consulting clients. They are complaining of too many urgent issues taking their focus off what really matters. One CEO complained of 1,500 emails in his Inbox and countless meetings, so he hasn't the time to read and respond to the emails. Another Administrator struggles with dividing time between her strategic CEO role and her ongoing operational responsibilities. Leaders are frustrated with the increasing number of urgent priorities and insufficient time to do what really matters. Does this sound familiar? You are not alone. If it feels like the treadmill is speeding up and you're already running as fast as you can, it may be time to look for another approach.You are bombarded with information and urgent requests 24 hours a day. How do you break free to focus on what's truly important? Let's look at Stephen Covey's Time Management tool, the Urgent vs. Important Matrix.

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Most items that ensure your personal and organizational success, like strategy, long term planning, and health fall into Quadrant 2, yet we give them short shrift because of limited time, instead focusing on the Urgent Quadrant 1; fighting today's fires. Want to be a more strategic leader? Delegate and empower your team to take on more of the operational activities, freeing you to focus on the future oriented strategy that will guide and grow your organization!Tips to maximize time spent on necessary activities:Talk to people face to face, or pick up the phone with questionsUse Rounding and Humble Inquiry (see May 29, 2014 enews) to communicate and build relationshipsBlock calendar time for thinking and planning, schedule as if it's a meetingTake time for retreats with your team to establish future goals and the strategy and execution needed to attain the goalsSpend time with the people who are most important to youTake care of yourself, so you have the emotional and physical energy to care for others.Tips to minimize time spent on unnecessary activities:Unsubscribe to email you don't readRequest that you not be copied on emails that you are not essential on - let the closest people to the situation handle it. They can escalate IF it needs your attention.Stop copying the universe on your messages, you'll have fewer replies to manageStop attending meetings where you are not truly needed - ask for minutes or send someone else.If the meeting must occur, can it be shortened? Can the information be communicated another way to save time? Can it be held less frequently?Say "no" to activities in Quadrant 4Words of Wisdom"The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities." Stephen CoveySpeaking, Events and TravelAug. 14, Emerging Healthcare Leaders, Phoenix, AZAug. 20, Presentation & 360 Assessment Debrief with Healthcare Leaders, Tucson, AZSept. 1, Collaborating for Outstanding Outcomes, California Human Resources Conference, Anaheim, CA (at Conference Aug 31- Sept. 2)We are always grateful for ongoing work with our treasured clients and for referrals! They are one of the highest compliments you can provide.15 Minutes of FameDo you have a success story you want to share? Send it in. If we select it, you get the visibility. We want to meet your needs If you are struggling with a topic and would like to see us address it, please email.About UsJoanne Schlosser is a certified professional coach, who uses her strong business and healthcare background to help Rising Stars rise even higher. She is a well respected management consultant, assisting organizations with leadership and organizational development, change management, strategic planning and other meeting facilitation. She is a frequent speaker at industry and corporate conferences. Joanne also teaches Executive Success Skills in an MBA program.Joanne co-created Banner Health's coaching strategy, that led to winning the Prism Award from the International Coach Federation. She has provided coaching for over 150 high potential leaders and senior executives, including CEO, CNO, CMIO, CFO, AA, directors, physicians and physician leaders. She was the change agent responsible for the opening of a new hospital, while simultaneously closing another.Joanne has held a variety of operations roles in Organizational Development, Contracts, Supply Chain Management, and ran two programs that assisted Small, Minority and Woman Owned businesses in winning over $113 million in government contracts.Joanne has served over 200 clients including: Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association, IPC Healthcare, Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center, American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living, American Case Manager Association, Walt Disney World, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts and General Dynamics.Rising Stars partners with other coaches and consultants globally and greatly appreciate your referrals to grow our business with people like you.

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