Why is He Like That?

September 22, 2021

Do you have people on your team who have difficulty working together? Are they constantly frustrated with one another? Perhaps you’re experiencing this challenge with your boss, a peer or direct report? This is often the reason Rising Stars is invited to provide leadership development, executive or team coaching. We recommend using the TTI TriMetrix assessment which helps people to better understand themselves and others. When you take a brief assessment that measures DISC (how people behave), Driving Forces (why they behave as they do) and Emotional Intelligence (more important to leaders than IQ) you learn a lot. Each person receives a customized 50 + page report about themselves. They discover what strengths they possess and gain insights into how to interact more effectively with leaders, employees and peers.The assessment is powerful when working with executive teams, physician groups and others. Sharing how they prefer to communicate, values, and motivations enables individuals to better relate and respect each other. One of my clients convenes the leadership team every 18 months to review their profiles and growth. He provides the assessment to each new leader. The result is people looking at one another with renewed respect to leverage their differences for improved outcomes, rather than focusing on the differences as frustration points. Instead of asking “Why is he like that? Why does he always ask so many questions?” You could say, “His questions ensure that our reputation is maintained when we launch this new service. He needs time to process information to feel confident we are making the best decision for our organization and those who rely on us. How can I provide him with data sooner so he can do a thorough job analyzing the information?”In executive coaching, we use the same assessment. This helps the leader create increased self awareness and the ability to adapt to others to achieve better outcomes. The world would be boring if we were all clones. How can you leverage everyone’s strengths, including your own to improve communication and outcomes?The Emotional Intelligence (EQ) portion of the assessment measures Self Awareness, Self Regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills. Each of these is essential for building strong relationships with others. Identify your strengths and what may be holding back your success. I’ll never forget working for a Vice President who did not get promoted when the President left. She was identified as one of the top 50 “movers and shakers” in her community. She was devastated when the board chair told her she needed to develop her people skills. A gutsy colleague gave her a birthday card comparing her to something that rhymed with “itch.” She worked hard to change and eventually got the top job. Compare yourself to the national mean and determine how to develop your EQ further. One of the highlights of the EQ section is tips on how to adjust your behaviors in each of the five areas for better results. Interested in learning more, email me.

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